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Upgrade kits for NanoSIMS 50 and 50L

NanoSIMS 50L

RF-plasma O-: High brightness O- primary ion source
Replaces the duoplasmatron O- ion source. The higher brightness of the RF-plasma ion source permits to obtain similar O- beam density and lateral resolution as with the Cs+ source.

D1 5-Slits_NS: Five D1 Aperture Diaphragm Slit
Objective/immersion lens aperture strip increases the flexibility by increasing the diameter choice from 4 to 5 sizes.

EXLIE Pre-implant_NS: Extreme low impact energy
Ultra Low energy (25-500eV) sample bombardment allows pre-implantation/cleaning without consuming top surface of ultrathin samples.

High Current Column_NS: High current primary ion column
Allows Larger maximum Cs+ beam current (up to 20nA instead of a few nA).
Using larger current permits to use multiple FCs instead of EM and improve isotope ratio reproducibility.


Pfeiffer Turbo: Replacement of the three turbomolecular pumps
Replace the three turbomolecular Varian/Agilent pumps by equivalent Pfeiffer models with excellent reliability.

Load-lock Productivity Enhancement: Replacement of the standard turbopump if the load-lock
For laboratories requiring unscheduled loadings and fast analysis, the standard 80 l/s turbopump of the load-lock can be replaced by a 300 l/s turbomolecular pump. The time needed to reach 1 E-6mbar in the load-lock is then typically reduced by x3 from ~120 min. to ~40 min.


EM Preamplifier Gen2_NS: Five new EM preamplifier-discriminators
Improvement of electronic ion pulse amplification for ion counting.
More reliable settings and adjustments of discriminator/threshold for more reproducible isotopic ratios.

Internal Multico Gen2_NS: New internal Multicollection
Improved reliability, less short-circuits and blockages due to moveable cables.

Low Noise Preamplifier_NS: Multico Geo Faraday : low noise preamplifier for FC#1
Precise FC-EM isotope ratios.
Lower noise/background for the Faraday cup resulting in better reproducibility and larger current detection range in FC.

Multico Triple Faraday_NS: Multicollection triple Faraday
Three FCs instead of one.
Permits to measure isotopic ratios in multiple FCs with sub-permil reproducibility, generally recorded with higher (a few nA) and µm spot.

NMR H/D_NS: Additional NMR probe for Hydrogen
Stability of low mass spectrum lines.
A third, dedicated NMR probe is added and improves the stability of analyzer magnetic field for high reproducibility on H ratios.


Optical Microscope Gen2_NS: Improved Optical Microscope
Replacement of illumination and optical microscope for more uniform lighting, digital camera, better resolution, numerical zoom.

SED_NS: Secondary Electron Detector
Secondary electron imaging for localization of small particles and good contrast to complement SIMS imaging.


32b_Acquisition Board_NS: 32 bits counting board
Replaces 16bit former version and is necessary for remote control through the internet using Team Viewer.
No more saturation on SIMS images, faster scanning for less charging problems.


PC automation_NS: PC Windows Control Upgrade
The SUN system is no more supported and replaced by a PC Windows automation.
New functions available under PC version.

Software Version Update_NS: Updated Software version
Latest PC automation version for removal of problems, new functions, and also required for some upgrades.

Control Duplication_NS: Duplication of NanoSIMS control
Control of the instrument from a separate operator room (<15 m), CAMECA designed keypad in both rooms.
Allows optimized operation comfort (reduced noise, separate T°C control)

Additional WinImage II_NS: Additional 64bit WinImage II Off-line PC Software Licence
Image processing of SUN and PC data. Dongle for Multiple users.


DUO Auto Valve_NS: Automation of Duoplasmatron leak valve
Allows closing the leak valve at the end of unattended acquisition when using the duoplasmatron for longer use of duo source between dismounting for cleaning.

Full MDA_NS: Aperture and Hexapole Automation
Automation of slits & apertures for improvement of reproducibility, access by lower level users, chaining of cleaning/acquisition, comfort of use. 


Sample-holders_Shuttles_NS: List of the sample-holders and the shuttles available at this link.
Please contact the after-sales service for orders.

Magnetic Transfer Rod:  Two magnetic transfer rods
Transfer of the shuttle with its sample holder from the load-lock onto the analysis stage.

You may also check the software versions available for your instrument.

Don't hesitate to contact your local agent or the CAMECA sales department for more information.