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Peaksight software
CAMECA EPMA Automation & Analysis Software
PeakSight allows even unskilled users to efficiently operate the CAMECA SX microprobes. It supports the acquisition and analysis of data and images with unique tools and capabilities, from the first survey of the specimen through data export and report preparation.

PeakSight is delivered with all CAMECA EPMA instruments. Upgrade kits are available for older SX models with SUN automation.

PeakSight runs under PC Windows™ and features:
  • Architecture and ergonomics adapted to the modern user approach
  • Fast and easy access to all the common functions
  • Graphical interfaces created according to the "Click and Move" principle
  • Easy data management with Windows™ applications
  • Automatic data reporting to Word™ and Excel™
Optional add-ons for extended capabilities
  • Assist Quant is an expert system making your analysis tasks easier by defining optimized analytical conditions for measurements of unknown specimens
  • Mapping Quant: true quantification of X-ray maps
  • Layer Quant: easy quantification of coated and multilayered specimens
  • Spectrum Quant: automatic identification and quantification of peaks
  • Age Map & Age Quant: optimized monazite dating
  • STATAGem-SX: optimized thin film analysis
  • and more!