Relocation Services

Whether in industry or academia, our customers often need to consolidate resources and thus to redeploy their scientific equipment.
Because we know that analytical instruments are delicate pieces of equipment that require expert attention in order to be properly de- and recommissioned, we offer our users dedicated, fully customizable Instrument Relocation Services. Our teams will handle every aspect of the move for you!

Survey of the new space
We will assist you in preparing the new laboratory, making sure it is adequately configured and ready to receive the equipment.

Pre-move testing
We will perform all necessary tests and maintenance prior to moving (including full primary column cleaning for specific instrument types).

Equipment dismantling & packing
We will ensure that all pieces of equipment are appropriately decontaminated if needed, and labeled as such. Items will be wrapped up in protective packaging to avoid damage during the physical move. (The choice of the preferred freight and transit companies remains yours.)

Recommissioning & setup
Unpacking, re-mounting, re-calibrating and testing will be fully taken care of by our technicians and engineers who will return your instrument to smooth operation within best delays.

All our Instrument Relocation packages include 10 days of training at your new site. The content is fully customizable to your needs, allowing long-time users to enhance their expertise, and/or newcomers to start operating the instrument under best conditions.