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We are committed to supporting our user community through professional training for all instruments and across a wide range of application areas and experience levels: whether you need to understand the fundamentals of an analytical technique, become “fluent” with your newly acquired instrument, learn maintenance, or optimize an application or a process...

Our aim is to help you develop the knowledge and competence to operate your instrument efficiently and to optimize your results. All CAMECA training courses are therefore fully customizable to your specific analytical needs and learning objectives.
Training is available at your lab or at one of our state-of-the-art training facilities; online modules are also available.

Whatever your product, application, or current level of expertise, CAMECA will accelerate your learning curve!

Basic instrument operation

3 to 10 day module for new operators, most commonly performed at customer site after tool installation. It provides the required knowledge to start operating the instrument and covers basic maintenance procedures.

Instrument maintenance
Additional 5 day module for operators with a good knowledge of the instrument control, wishing to improve their analytical skills.

5 day modules for advanced users wishing to improve analytical results and performance in a specific area. Fully customizable to your analytical requirements and field of application

1 to 3 day training on CAMECA software (WinCurve, WinImage, PeakSight, IVAS, NuQuant...), covering basic and advanced features that can improve user experience, analysis throughput, data quality...

Refresh Course / New Lab User Course

3 to 5 day hands-on training designed for newcomers in your laboratory, also suitable for “false beginners” that would need to consolidate their knowledge. Fully customizable to your specific expectations.

Software training
Specific training courses on CAMECA software (2 to 3 days). Available for Peaksight, Wincurve, Winimage, IVAS.

An Introduction to...

A series of one day short courses covering the fundamental principles of an analytical technique, basic instrument design and operation as well as major applications with demonstration on the tool. Sessions are organized on a regular basis at our factories for SIMS, EPMA, ICP-MS, GD-MS, Atom Probe Tomography... Dates soon available!