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Service Solutions

CAMECA provides a range of post-warranty service solutions to suit various customer requirements. Several annual maintenance service contracts are available as well as attractive on-demand solutions. These services allow our customers to focus on their core activity - and leave their maintenance needs and worries to us.

STandard REpair Package (ST-REP)
brings you full recovery from a major failure, at a pre-defined cost.
Although you may have the recognized skills to perform general maintenance tasks, our ST-REP intervention packages are available to handle more signifificant repair operations.

Silver Membership
brings you preferred access to CAMECA services.
You value CAMECA expertise for corrective actions yet possess the skills to tackle minor issues on your own.

Gold Coverage
- brings you priority assistance and access to CAMECA services.
You need comprehensive coverage and a controlled maintenance cost for your CAMECA instrument.

Platinum Coverage
PREMIUM FULL INSURANCE - brings you complete peace of mind and access to premium CAMECA service.
You require a firm and all-inclusive coverage for Cost of Ownership control.

For more details on CAMECA's range of service solutions CLICK HERE