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Small area analysis in Sn-Cu wire structures (SIMS)

Small area analysis in Sn Cu wire structure with SIMS
The CAMECA IMS 7f-Auto provides high (sub-micron) lateral resolution, which is of great interest for material analysis. Its outstanding imaging capabilities are applied to studies on a wide variety of materials: diffusion phenomena in polycrystalline samples, surface imaging analysis in alloys...

For ion imaging, two operating modes are available:
  • Direct Ion Imaging (“Microscope”) mode to acquire images up to a thousand times faster than with any scanning ion microprobe (all pixels are acquired in parallel). Optimized for «large» area mapping.
  • Scanning Ion Image (“Microprobe”) mode for sub-µm lateral resolution with O2+ and Cs+ beam. Dedicated to small area analysis.   

Small area analysis: both in-depth and lateral information.
Small area analysis in Sn/Cu wire structure: the images on the left side were acquired for different species using the microprobe mode.
Using the CAMECA WinImage software, it is possible to obtain a retrospective depth profile: in the above example, a depth profile (right side) was obtained from the ion images (central area, left side) which were recorded sequentially while sputtering in-depth. Note the high dynamic range in imaging mode.