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Compact, High Throughput SIMS for Geoscience Laboratories
The IMS 7f-GEO is a mono-collection SIMS model specifically designed to perform high precision / high throughput measurements in geological samples, i.e. stable isotopes, REE (Rare Earth Elements), trace elements... It is also used for material sciences analyses and environmental studies.
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    A unique detection system for high isotope ratio reproducibility
    Derived from our proven IMS 7f instrument, the IMS 7f-GEO is equipped with a new, unique detection system combining a double Faraday cup detector system and an Electron Multiplier. Thanks to this configuration, acquisition time is shortened, and analyses are run in a pseudo bi-collection mode ensuring sub-permil precision for stable isotope ratio measurements. The double Faraday cup system is combined with a fast mass peak switching system (as fast as 0.3 sec at high mass resolving power) for further benefits in terms of precision and analysis throughput.

    ... And greatly improved analysis throughput
    The IMS 7f-GEO achieves a major improvement in analysis throughput thanks to the implementation of the double Faraday cup detector system as demonstrated in the  above example (top right, 18O/16O isotope ratio analysis in synthetic quartz).
    For a required statistical precision better than 0.4 permil, measurement time could be >3000 sec. while it falls down to 56 sec using the IMS 7f-GEO pseudo bi-collection mode.
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    • IMS 7f-GEO: a compact SIMS tool for stable isotope analyses

      Tuesday, May 11, 2021

      This free on-demand webinar focuses on the IMS 7f-Geo, a small-geometry versatile SIMS model designed to meet the high precision/high throughput requirements of stable isotope and trace element analysis for the geosciences community. After an introduction to the SIMS technique and a presentation of IMS 7f-GEO key instrumental features, different examples of studies based on stable isotope measurements will be presented. It also includes a short overview of the CAMECA SIMS instrument portfolio addressing geosciences applications.
      Duration : 22 minutes
      Click here to view
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  • Scientific publications +

    An Excel spreadsheet compiling scientific research articles using the IMS xf (IMS 3f, 4f, 5f, 6f, 7f, IMS 7f-Auto, IMS 7f-GEO). The articles are ordered by main applications as below and are easily searchable with Excel word search functions:
    • Materials
    • Geosciences
    • Nuclears
    Download spreadsheet here

    Do not hesitate to contact us at if you can not access some pdf files on your own. You are also more than welcome to send us any missing references, pdf and supplements!
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  • Software +

    • WinCurve dataprocessing sofware

      Specifically developed for CAMECA SIMS instruments, WinCurve offers powerful data processing & visualization capabilities in a user-friendly environment.

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    • WinImage Software
      WinImage II

      Specifically developed for CAMECA SIMS instruments, WinImage II offers powerful image visualization, processing & printing capabilities under PC-Windows™ Environment.

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    • APM Software

      Automated Particle Measurement (APM) is CAMECA software tool allowing fast screening of millions of particles, particle detection and isotopic characterization.

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