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Software updates


Several software updates (corrective patches) are available at no cost to our customers. The table below informs you of the current software version for  CAMECA instrument. If your instrument operates with an earlier version, please contact your local representative for an upgrade quote.

Free corrective patches can be obtained by accessing the CAMECA Software Upgrade Download Platform at this link (access is strictly restricted to CAMECA customers, instrument Serial Number and Host ID are requested).

Product Line PC Windows Version
IMS Wf / SC Ultra 3.6
IMS 1270 / 1280 / 1280-HR 1.1
IMS 1300-HR³ 1.1
IMS 7f / 4fE7 3.5
IMS 7f-Auto 3.5
IMS 7f-GEO 3.5
IMS 6f / 4fE6 5.2
IMS 3f / 4f / 5f 5.2
NanoSIMS 4.5
SIMS Processing 2.5
SXFive / SX 100 - PeakSight 6.4
SX 50 NA
Shallow Probe LEXFAB-300 LEXES-Pilot 1.6
FlexTAP     1.0.3