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The SIMS technique provides a unique combination of extremely high sensitivity for all elements from Hydrogen to Uranium and above (detection limit down to ppb level for many elements), high lateral resolution imaging (down to 40 nm), and a very low background that allows high dynamic range (more than 5 decades).
  • SIMS
    Introduction to SIMS

    Basic principles of Dynamic SIMS, allowing bulk composition and depth distribution of trace elements with a depth resolution ranging from sub-nm to tens of nm.

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  • IMS 7f-Auto
    IMS 7f-Auto

    Fully automated SIMS with unequaled detection limits, optimized for challenging applications such as glass, metals, ceramics, Si-based, III-V, II-VI, bulk materials, thin films

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  • IMS 7f-GEO
    IMS 7f-GEO

    Compact, high throughput SIMS instrument for measurements in geological samples, i.e. stable isotopes, REE (Rare Earth Elements), trace elements...

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  • IMS 1300-HR3
    IMS 1300-HR³ - Large Geometry SIMS

    Large Geometry SIMS microprobe with unequalled analytical performance for geoscience applications: stable isotopes, trace elements, geochronology, particle analysis...

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    Geochronology-dedicated SIMS microprobe with benchmark sensitivity for in-situ U-Th-Pb isotopic analyses in a high throughput, easy-to-use platform.

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  • NanoSIMS 50L
    NanoSIMS 50L

    SIMS microprobe for ultra fine feature analysis in materials, geology, planetary and life sciences

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  • AKONIS - In-line SIMS

    Full automated in-line SIMS performing on-the-fly composition measurements for high-volume semiconductor manufacturing

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  • SC Ultra
    IMS Wf & SC Ultra

    High performance low energy SIMS tools for advanced semiconductor applications: extra shallow and high energy implants, ultra-thin oxides, high-k metal gate, SiGe, PV, LED, graphene

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  • SIMS 4550
    SIMS 4550

    Quadrupole SIMS combining benchmark ultra shallow depth profiling capabilities with easy operation for semiconductor applications.

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    ACTINIS - Shielded Ion Microprobe

    Shielded SIMS analyzer for nuclear research & industry: safe, high precision analysis of highly radioactive materials.

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