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AP Suite 6

AP Suite 6
The Atom Prober's Toolkit for Data Analysis Workstations
AP Suite 6 is a user-friendly, collaborative platform to seamlessly manage your entire Atom Probe Tomography (APT) research projects within one single environment. AP Suite 6 incorporates a database-centered workflow through the Data Navigator and Asset Manager modules.
  • Data Navigator: Where APT sample projects are created and where the data resulting from those projects is organized and accessed.
  • Asset Manager: Where specimens are created and where lab & specimen storage locations are tracked.
  • IVAS 6: Once a dataset is identified for further analysis, loading it into IVAS 6 can be done with a click of the mouse.

Ideal for multi-user facilities
AP Suite 6 is designed as a collaborative, multi-user platform to serve the APT needs of any member in your organization: user-specific logins can be assigned, enabling security based on individual access rights.

Easy navigation & data preview
AP Suite 6 communicates with your database of scientific projects, samples, previously acquired data and analyses. You can preview r esults within the data
navigator with no need to load it in IVAS.