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Upgrade kits for IMS Wf and SC Ultra

Automation & Software - Sources - Airlock - Specimen Chamber

Automation & Software

PC-Automation (Wf/SCU)
PC-Automation system to replace SUN system, allows full automation & unattended operation and greatly improves ease of use.
Please note that most of the upgrade kits listed below can only be installed on IMS Wf  and SC Ultra instruments equipped with PC-Automation.

Post-treatment (Wf/SCU)
PC station for off-line data treatement (CAMECA software not included).

Desk control duplication (Wf/SCU)
Additional PC, keyboard, CAMECA keypad, screens... ensuring optimized operation comfort when the lab is split in two parts.

WinCurve software (Wf/SCU)
Offers powerful SIMS data processing & graphing capabilities together with easy report creation functionalities.

WinImage Software (Wf/SCU)
Offers powerful SIMS image processing functions, available in Standard or Extended version.

Remote monitoring
Real Time Display software licence providing remote access to all instrumental parameters, thus allowing the operator to remotely tune and run the instrument from his/her own PC.

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Low energy cesium ion source (Wf/SCU)
With this new high brightness cesium ion source, the IMS Wf/SCU can now perform Extremely Low Impact Depth Profiling and analyse ultra thin layers with nanometer depth resolution.

High brightness RF plasma oxygen ion source (Wf/SCU)
Compared to conventional DUO-plasmatron, the RF plasma source allows substantial performance improvements using ultra low energy O2 primary beam.

Specimen Chamber

Motorized Z-movement stage (Wf/SCU)
Replaces the piezo-stage movement

Turbo Detection (Wf/SCU)
Turbomolecular pump to replace the existing ionic pump. Improves vacuum in the detection system.

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