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Deep and shallow implant depth profiling (SIMS)

Deep and shallow implant depth profiling
In semiconductor technology, materials and thus analytical problems change rapidly. Thanks to its outstanding depth profiling capabilities, the CAMECA IMS 7f-Auto is widely used for dopant monitoring in the semiconductor industry, and applied to different species and material systems. Among its instrumental advantages: two high brightness ions sources (Cs+ and O2+), high transmission, high mass resolution…

Excellent detection limits for deep implants
For deep implants, depth profiles up to several microns in-depth can be analyzed within minutes, with impressive sensitivity and high dynamic range. For the three main Si dopants (B, P and As), a detection limit in the ppb range can be achieved. Opposite to TOF-SIMS, the detection limits are improved in the IMS 7f-Auto when increasing sputtering speed.
On the left: Phosphorus in Silicon - excellent detection limits and high sample throughput (200 sec total analysis time) for deep implants.

Optimized depth resolution for shallow implants
On the CAMECA IMS 7f-Auto, the impact energy can be continuously reduced down to 500eV, providing excellent depth resolution while keeping good sensitivity. Therefore, the IMS 7f-Auto can be used for characterizing the in-depth distribution of dopants and impurities on shallow implanted samples or thin layer structures.
On the right: Shallow boron implants in Silicon - excellent depth resolution for low energy depth profiling.