• SIMS

    Our Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometers are a world reference, combining unequaled sensitivity and detection limits (even on light elements) with high productivity.

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  • APT

    Exclusively developed by CAMECA, Atom Probe Tomography instruments offer extensive capabilities for nanoscale 3D imaging and compositional measurements.

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  • EPMA

    Our Electron Probe Microanalyzers equipped with industry-leading WDS spectrometers are renowned for their superior x-ray mapping and quantitative analysis capabilities.

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    Used by top semiconductor companies, our compositional metrology tools support innovation at 14nm node and beyond, ensuring new process integration and high volume production

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  • ICP icon

    Multiple-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (MC-ICP-MS) has combined an argon (Ar) ICP source with a magnetic sector analyser and multiple detectors for high precision isotopic measurements.

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  • Astrum icon

    Glow discharge is a plasma formed by applying a voltage between two metal electrodes through a low-pressure gas

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  • Stable icon

    SIRMS provides analysis of isotopic ratios of the light stable isotopes C, N, O, S and H.

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  • TIMS Icon

    TIMS is a technique that measures isotopic ratios used in environmental, planetary, geochemistry and nuclear markets. Data produced by Nu's TIMS instrument is of high accuracy and precision. For many elements this is in the low ppm range.

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  • Noblesse icon
    Noble Gas

    The noble gases He, Ne, Ar, Kr, and Xe are extreme trace elements in the Earth's crust. Their rarity influences both their uses (applications) and measurement methods. They have a wide range of uses in the geo-sciences.

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