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  • Earth and planetary sciences

    Analysis of stable and radiogenic isotopes, light elements, REE... CAMECA supports the geoscience community

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  • Environmental studies
    Environmental Science

    From microbial ecology and oceanography to nuclear safeguards, SIMS and NanoSIMS are tools of choice for quantitative analysis in a wide spectrum environmental science applications.

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  • Mining

    EPMA, SIMS and Atom Probe Tomography instruments assist miners and metallurgists in the discovery of new ore deposits and the improvement of mineral processing.

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  • Metals, steels & alloys

    SIMS, EPMA and APT instruments are used worldwide for R&D as well as process control of metals and alloys for industrial applications.

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  • Advanced materials
    Advanced materials

    Scientists rely on SIMS, EPMA and APT to gain a deeper understanding of the properties of advanced materials used for transportation, energy production, aerospace, and even consumer products.

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  • Energy materials
    Energy materials

    CAMECA supports innovation in the field of green energy and LED lighting: among other product lines, SIMS and APT are widely used to help optimize sharp interface transitions between layers of vaying composition in PV and LED devices and improve their performance.

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  • Nuclear

    CAMECA has a long success story in supporting nuclear science & industry: development of innovative alloys, exploration of radiation damage processes, nuclear safeguards

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  • Semiconductor and electronics

    Our SIMS, APT and LEXES nanoanalysis and metrology solutions enable the development and mass production of new generation electronic devices at the latest node

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  • Life sciences
    Life science

    Offering powerful instruments for studying intracellular metabolic pathways, DNA expression, virus penetration and drug localization, CAMECA enables important medical advancements

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