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Upgrade Kits for APT (LEAP, EIKOS)

Options for LEAP®

Integrated Plasma Cleaner
A fully-integrated, automated plasma cleaner offers both increased productivity and reduced cost of ownership for the LEAP system.

Residual Gas Analyzer
Allows partial pressure analysis of LEAP instrument. 

The Vacuum and Cryo Transfer Module (VCTM) enables specimens to be transported between LEAP and ancillary workstations while maintaining both UHV and cryogenic conditions. The module utilizes a UHV-compatible portable chamber which is fully integrated (via a docking station) into the LEAP 5000. Note that the additional workstations must also be compatible with the VCTM and this is not included with this option. Please contact CAMECA sales for more details.

Productivity Enhancement Package
Extends the storage capacity of the LEAP system and includes a fully-integrated in situ heated carousel to reduce pump down times, increase specimen throughput and improve vacuum quality.

Anti-vibration Package
Active vibration isolation platform allowing the LEAP to be installed in environments not meeting vibration standards, this integrated solution combines active vibration cancellation together with an upgraded LEAP platform. Patented piezoelectric Technology cancels floor vibration in real time with active bandwidth starting at 0.6Hz.

Seismic Kit
Factory-fitted seismic restraint kit. Floor requirements must be met for purchase of this option.

Field-Ion-Microscope (eFIM) Module
Adds Field-Ion-Microscope (FIM) capability to LEAP system

Options for LEAP® and EIKOS™

Manual Electropolisher

The manual electropolishing unit is designed to allow maximum flexibility for production of specimens from a wide variety of materials. The item includes power supply, chemical handling and all accessories required to prepare high quality atom probe specimens. (Optical microscope and Chemical reagents are not included.)

Adv sample prep kit
Advanced specimen preparation kit includes key components required for advanced FIB-based specimen preparation.