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WinCurve dataprocessing sofware
Experience more advanced and automated SIMS data processing
New SmartPRO software package for CAMECA IMS 7f-Auto, IMS Wf and SC Ultra Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometers combines Chain Analysis and WinCurve in a seamlessly integrated environment and adds real time data processing and automation functionalities thus improving ease of use, productivity and data quality.

The inherited CAMECA SIMS software package includes:

  • Chain Analysis: Automated data acquisition in a batch mode combining at the same time different analysis conditions and analysis types.
  • Wincurve: Data processing, meaningful visualization capabilities in a user friendly environment and powerful export functions for all CAMECA SIMS instruments.
The new SmartPRO solutions enhances ease-of-use, productivity & data consistency:
  • Save time and enhance ease of use through automation and limited operator time.
  • Improve tool productivity through automated data processing and chaining of routine tasks eleminating interruptions.
  • View your quantified data in real time: results are now displayed in real time for each analysis, and reported within Chain Plus.
  • Ensure data consistency: Easy access to automatically generated database thanks to job numbering and a powerful search engine filtered by multiple parameters:
    • Instrumental conditions: primary source, impact energy, etc.
    • Analysis conditions: species, mass resolution, etc.
    • Data processing recipeq: implant, box, etc.
SmartPRO is available for the CAMECA IMS 7f-Auto, IMS Wf and SC Ultra:
  • If you are a current IMS 7f-Auto, IMS Wf or SC Ultra user, ask for a SmartPRO standalone license.
  • New users will benefit from all SmartPRO functionalities now included in the new WinCurve Plus software suite.
Download our SmartPRO flyer to learn more.