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EPMA Tutorial - Free Download!

EPMA tutorial

The guide is available in pdf as well mobile-enabled formats. Click on the links below to download the preferred format.

EPMA tutorial pdf
EPMA tutorial for ipad or iphone
EPMA tutorial for kindle

Equally adept at characterizing geological samples as well as metals and alloys, EPMA has stood the test of time as one of the most accurate surface analysis method. It can produce quantitative data on highly localized spots of any solid sample, and map elemental distributions over small or large areas. This guide is useful for anyone who needs to go back to the basics of EPMA or to learn about recent instrumental developments, or who is curious about applications.

Table of content:
- Introduction
- History and background
- In practice
- Case study 1: From single grain geochronology to multiscale petrochronology
- Case study 2: Quantitative analysis of microstructure in novel metallic alloys
- Case study 3: Optimization of nuclear structural materials
- Case study 4: Analysis of fluid inclusions in volcanic rocks
- Problems and solutions
- What’s next?