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APT Tutorial - Free Donwload!

The guide is available in pdf as well mobile-enabled formats. Click on the links below to download the preferred version.

APT tutorial pdf
APT tutorial for ipad or iphone
> APT tutorial for mobi file Kindle

Atom probe tomography (APT) offers the enticing prospect of being able to determine the identity and position of nearly every atom in a material, providing the ultimate in elemental analysis. Co-edited with Wiley, the Essential Knowledge Briefing on Atom Probe Tomography provides a simple introduction to APT, detailing some of its specific implementations, discussing problems that can arise and exploring the developments that are likely to be seen with this technique in the future. Several case studies are also included.

Table of content:
- Introduction
- History and background
- In practice
- Case study 1: Combining APT and EDX
- Case study 2: Applying APT to geological samples
- Case study 3: Admiring diamonds with APT
- Problems and solutions
- What’s next?