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Dynamic SIMS Tutorial - Free Download!


The guide is available in pdf as well mobile-enabled formats. Click one of the links below to download your preferred format.

Dynamic-SIMS pdf
Dynamic-SIMS for ipad or iphone
Dynamic-SIMS for mobi file Kindle

Dynamic Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry offers 2D and 3D imaging capabilities at sub-micron lateral resolution and delivers high sensitivity elemental and isotopic measurements with ppm level detection limits for all species (H-U).

Co-edited with Wiley, this tutorial guide explores the major components of a typical dynamic SIMS instrument, outlines its advantages over alternative surface analytical techniques, and discusses future directions that will allow the technique to be applied to an even wider range of samples. Four case Four case studies provide examples of how SIMS is used in areas ranging from life sciences to materials and cosmochemistry.

This short guide is an invaluable resource for students, scientist and engineers, in both academia and industry.

Table of contents :
- History and Background
- In Practice
- Case Study 1: Seeing is Believing
- Case Study 2: Synthesizing Semiconductor Crystals
- Case Study 3: Measuring Hydrogen on the Moon and Mars
- Case Study 4: Self-Focusing SIMS
- Problems and Solutions
- What’s next?