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Semiconductor brochure


► "Semiconductors" brochure (pdf)

Semiconductor devices pervade our daily lives with more interconnected, portable electronics, booming high speed mobile communication, and the Internet of Things, requiring ever greater amounts of data storage, exchange, and processing.

To meet surging demand, semiconductor device manufacturers and designers need to analyze materials for performance enhancement and device reliability while containing costs. Semiconductor characterization instrumentation must meet conflicting requirements: it must enable research and process development in the early stage of innovation and be usable for high volume manufacturing (HVM) ensuring low cost of ownership and high uptime.

Designed with the above challenges in mind, the CAMECA Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) and Atom Probe Tomograph (APT) instruments have been widely used to support R&D and HVM of semiconductor devices. The required technological capabilities are implemented on suitable platforms allowing the greatest benefits to the semiconductor market.

The “Semiconductor” brochure introduces you to CAMECA’s portfolio of high productivity, high precision analytical instruments, reviewing a selection of current applications of SIMS and APT covering the fields of memory, power electronics, sensors, logic, optoelectronics, display. Whether measuring low-level dopant implants, nanoscale transistors, or memory devices, CAMECA has a solution tailored to each of your needs.