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Rocks and Minerals

Rocks and Minerals Brochure


► "Rocks and Minerals" brochure (pdf)

From natural gas to fossil oil trapped within rocks, from sand on the beach to diamonds, from extraterrestrial material to Earth, some of the fundamental questions about how materials were created rely on the study of geoscience. A subtle combination of pressure, temperature, time and chemistry is often at the base of our understanding.
Elemental and/or isotopic analysis of Rocks & Minerals can yield essential information about the origin and evolution of the solar system, help predict volcanic eruption, locate important ore deposits.

Based on specific application examples, this brochure gives insight into how Electron Probe Microanalysis, Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry, and Atom Probe Tomography are used by geo and cosmochemists:

- Fluid Inclusions in Volcanic Rocks
- Past, Present and Future of our Planet
- Isotopic Compositions in Meteorites
- Mining: Guiding Diggers through Data Analysis
- Nano-Geochronology of Zircon