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Nuclear Materials

nuclear materials brochure


"Nuclear Materials" brochure (pdf)

Whether one needs to report radioactivity levels and ratios, follow natural isotopic decays or those induced by man-made irradiation, or understand the chemistry dictating these reactions, a common point resides in the ability to observe, detect, image, probe, identify and quantify changes.

This key aspect called characterization is at the heart of CAMECA’s expertise.

Based on specific application examples, this brochure gives insight into how Electron Probe Microanalysis, Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry, and Atom Probe Tomography are used by nuclear scientists and engineers: 

- Controlling the Behavior of Fission Products
- Verifying the Peaceful Use of Nuclear Materials
- Optimizing Nuclear Waste Management
- Characterizing Irradiated Fuels
- Improving Corrosion Resistance of Alloys
- Making Nuclear Energy Production Safer