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Metals and Alloys

metals and alloys brochure


►  "Metals and Alloys" brochure (pdf)

To fully understand and improve the properties of materials, it is necessary to understand their structure and composition at a variety of spatial length scales. Bulk compositions vary on millimeter length scales; grain boundary segregation occurs on the micrometer scale (one part in a million meters); and precipitation and clustering occur on the nanometer scale (one part in a billion meters).

Based on specific application examples, this brochure gives insight into how Electron Probe Microanalysis, Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry, and Atom Probe Tomography are used by scientists & engineers for metallic materials research and for the development and optimization of innovative alloys:

- Hydrogen Storage Alloys
- Defects in Steel
- Hydrogen Embrittlement Investigation
- Oxide Formation at the Surface of Metals
- Grain Boundary Analysis