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Unveiling drug targets inside the “black box” of the cell with NanoSIMS - Webinar

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Michael E. Kurczy,  AstraZeneca, presents recent research conducted with partners from Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gotenburg, enabling to measure accurate concentration of therapeutic molecules in organelles and other sample cell components, metrics that are essential for informed decision-making in the drug discovery process.

The concentration of drugs in biological matrices is the principal read-out in the field of pharmacokinetics. However, the typical format of these matrices—biofluids, tissue, and cell lysates—is not sufficient to further our understanding of biochemistry, particularly at the level of the single cell or organelle.  While the cell is the basic unit of life, the metabolic and disease-associated pathways that we aim to modulate are at the subcellular level.

In this webinar Michael Kurczy will discuss the development of the DrugSIMS™ platform. From the original blue sky initiative to embed a NanoSIMS in a pharmaceutical company to the eventual intracellular quantification of nucleic acid based therapeutics.

Presenter: Dr. Michael E. Kurczy

Michael E. Kurczy, Associate Principal Scientist at AstraZeneca,Gothenburg, Sweden Michael obtained his PhD in Chemistry at The Pennsylvania State University, USA. After a post-doc position at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, he was a research associate at The Scripps Institute, La Jolla, California before joining AstraZeneca in 2015. His major focus has been subcellular pharmacokinetics of new drug modalities. Michael is an expert in Mass Spectrometry Imaging, and particularly NanoSIMS, which he has successfully applied to the understanding of biological phenomena at very small scales as reflected in 40+ papers in key scientific journals.