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Understanding Aging & Cell Regeneration with NanoSIMS - Application note

Monday, May 23, 2022

Cell turnover measurements at the subcellular scale with NanoSIMS improve our understanding of aging, cell regeneration and self-renewal of organisms.

The NanoSIMS ion microprobe offers high lateral resolution imaging capabilities (50 nm) which enable the detection and quantification of isotopically labeled biomolecules within cells, organs, or tissues. Biomolecules are labeled with rare and stable D, 13C,15N, or 18O isotopes. Their uptake in cells is measured by the NanoSIMS as an isotopic enrichment. Contrary to radioactive or halogenated labeling techniques, metabolic processes are not affected by isotopic enrichment.

This new application note reviews recent research on cell turnover in heart, pancreas, liver & central nervous system.

Download the application note Understanding Aging & Cell Regeneration with NanoSIMS to learn more!