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Laser Ablation Specimen Preparation. Expanding the Applications Space for APT -Application note

Friday, June 24, 2022

The specimen is the primary optic of an atom probe microscope, meaning good specimen preparation lays the foundation for high quality data. Likewise, advances in specimen preparation can also expand the application space of the Local Electrode Atom Probe (LEAP®) . The ZEISS LaserFIB can prepare LEAP specimens directly from the bulk sample using a laser ablation method. Laser ablation is a relatively new specimen preparation technique that has some advantages over commonly used lift-out methods.

Laser ablation offers multiple benefits, including potential for large area sampling, analysis of regions deep below the surface, and future cryogenic applications. specimens from various areas of the material and various depths can be quickly prepared, which is useful in quality control monitoring and microstructure sampling – something that could be invaluable when optimizing metal laser additive processes for example.

Download the application note Laser Ablation specimen preparation to learn more!