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Analysis of Microcrystalline Fe Sulfides with SIMS - Application note

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Iron sulfide minerals, particularly pyrite (FeS2), represent a substantial geologic reservoir of sulfur. Sedimentary pyrites have proven to be invaluable archives for reconstructing local environmental conditions as well as global‐scale changes in biogeochemistry. Typically, Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) studies of pyrites rely on spot analyses within grains (≥10 μm‐diameter). While spot analysis methods may be sufficient in many cases, they preclude the investigation of small pyrite grains (diameters <10 μm) or the characterization of intra‐grain variability.

In this study, a method based on SIMS scanning ion imaging is presented that provides the spatial resolution (≤1 μm) necessary to measure inter‐ and intra‐grain δ34S variability in microcrystalline pyrites.

Download the application note SIMS Applications to Biogeochemistry: Analysis of Microcrystalline Fe Sulfides to learn more!