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Success story! Building better steels with a CAMECA SIMS at ArcelorMittal

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

As the world’s largest steelmaking and mining company, ArcelorMittal specializes in manufacturing a wide array of sophisticated steels tailored to the needs of industries such as automotive, construction, appliances, and packaging. At the company’s global research and development center in Maizières-lès-Metz, France, scientists conduct a host of studies, proposing and testing new steel chemistries in various coating formulations to be applied for aesthetic and anticorrosion purposes.

A key tool in the team’s lab is a CAMECA IMS 7f secondary ion mass spectrometer (SIMS).

In a recent pilot study, the team turned to their SIMS when bare spot defects showed up in carefully chosen samples from testing of new metallic coatings for automotive use. The instrument allowed precise analysis of 500-micron zones, to include a defect plus its bordering “healthy” area. The result of this study, and many others, are used to fine-tune recommendations for later plant production, helping to fulfill requirements for high-volume, high-quality production.

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