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Introducing the new 6000 generation of 3D Atom Probes

Friday, November 26, 2021

Invizo 6000: The 3D Atom Probe with the largest field of view

The Invizo 6000 3D Atom Probe microscope introduces major technology breakthroughs to push the boundaries of atom probe analysis. Its ultra wide field of view flight path and unique dual-beam deep UV laser pulse system result in higher single-specimen yield and a greater analysis volume with improved reconstruction fidelity, allowing more information to be obtained from each dataset. The Invizo 6000 is an ideal choice for advanced research on a diverse set of applications.

Download the product brochure Invizo 6000 to learn more!


LEAP 6000 XR: The first 3D Atom Probe with combined voltage & laser pulsed operation

The LEAP 6000 XR inherits key features from previous APT generations, adding deep UV laser pulsing to the proven local electrode design to deliver higher yield and data quality. Through compatibility with the microtip array and a redesigned optical system, the LEAP 6000 XR provides enhanced ease of use and the potential for fully automated operation.

Download the product brochure LEAP 6000 XR to learn more!


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