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Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry for Hydrogen & Deuterium Analysis – Application note.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Offering high spatial resolution (50nm) together with ultra-high sensitivity for localized isotope ratio or trace element analysis, the NanoSIMS 50L is the tool of choice for two- and three-dimensional hydrogen imaging as well as hydrogen depth profiling from areas of few microns.

This application note reviews recent fundamental material research supported by NanoSIMS:
  • Study of zirconium alloy oxidation using 2H and 18O tracers
  • Researching hydrogen trapping at second phase particles in Zr alloys
  • Investigating the role of precipitates in hydrogen trapping and hydrogen embrittlement of a nickel-based superalloy
  • Identifying lithium and hydrogen diffusion pathways in lithium aluminate pellets
  • Revealing hydrogen enrichment at grain boundaries in plasma-facing materials

Download the application note SIMS for Hydrogen & Deuterium Analysis to learn more!