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Atom Probe Tomography of Human Teeth – Application note.

Friday, May 7, 2021

The fluoridation of water is implemented worldwide with a view to strengthen human teeth. However, its exact role in the prevention of the demineralization of human enamel at the atomic scale has not been fully understood. Investigating the distribution of fluorine and other trace elements on the atomic scale in teeth can increase our understanding and perhaps our ability to repair or replicate the enamel.

APT enables 3D nanoscale quantitative measurements of fluoride and other ions in dental enamel, a biocomposite with a complex hierarchical structure consisting of bundles of crystalline hydroxylapatite nanowires surrounded by an amorphous layer. A recent study investigating both untreated and fluoride-treated enamel samples demonstrated the fast diffusion of F in and around the nanowires, pointing towards the mechanism by which fluoride protects human enamel against degradation.

Download the application note Atom Probe Tomography of human teeth to learn more!