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Success story! Probing novel therapeutics possibilities with a NanoSIMS at UWA

Monday, April 26, 2021

A recent UWA study in collaboration with UCLA and Ionis Pharmaceuticals focused on an emerging class of pharmaceuticals: nucleic acid therapeutics (NATs), capable of targeting disease at the genetic level by preventing the expression of disease-causing proteins.

The research team turned to the NanoSIMS 50 L at University of Western Australia for its well-known capability to track molecular fluxes throughout cellular and subcellular compartments in brain, heart, kidney, etc, and to provide superior isotopic and trace element analysis in nanoscale regions of interest.

It proved extremely useful in achieving sufficient understanding of cellular uptake and distribution in tissues — which is critical for precise drug targeting.

The authors concluded that NanoSIMS imaging will be useful in optimizing the efficacy and delivery of NATs for treating human disease.

Download the success story Probing novel therapeutics possibilities with a CAMECA NanoSIMS at UWA  to learn more!