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Nuclear fuel optimization with Shielded EPMA – New application note.

Friday, January 8, 2021

The long-lived minor actinides (MA) that result from irradiation of oxide fuels in light water reactors increase the radiotoxicity of nuclear waste. In order to facilitate nuclear waste disposal, scientists investigate various processes to recycle the MA.

This application note focuses on measurements performed on a CAMECA Shielded Electron Probe Microanalyzer at Idaho National Laboratory, USA, in the framework of the FUTURIX-FTA1 experiment which aims to assess the safety of MA transmutation.

Capable of characterizing the distribution and chemical composition of highly radioactive fission products under safe conditions, Shielded EPMA proves the tool of choice for measuring U-Pu-Zr compositional variations in the irradiated fuel and observing fuel – cladding interaction.

Download the application note Nuclear Fuel Cycle Optimization with Shielded Electron Probe MicroAnalysis to learn more!