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Imaging of dopant distribution

NanoSIMS dopant distribution
NanoSIMS imaging of dopant distribution in a SiC power device

Elemental analysis by NanoSIMS 50L reveals that phosphorous and aluminum ions are implanted in n+ source and p-well regions, respectively, and boron is doped in the gate electrode. Outermost layer of the passivation film is considered to be a PSG film. The aluminum ion image at the p-well region is in good agreement with the shape of implantation defects observed in the BF-STEM image. With the use of NanoSIMS 50L, dopant and impurity distributions in such semiconductor devices can be evaluated at high sensitivity and lateral resolution.

Recorded on CAMECA NanoSIMS 50L at Toray Research Center, Otsu City, Shiga pref, Japan. Image courtesy of Y. Nakata.