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Failure analysis of quantum cascade lasers with Dynamic SIMS

Semiconductor failure analysis with SIMS
Failure analysis of quantum cascade laser semiconductor devices

Offering sub-nanometer depth resolution & multi-element high lateral resolution capabilities, dynamic SIMS is one of most efficient technique for analyzing and optimizing novel microelectronics materials and devices. A CAMECA SC Ultra was used to characterize the superlattice active region of AlInAs/InGaAs quantum cascade lasers. YZ cross section of Al and O signals presents results for good and defective structures. A high uniformity of the layers is observed for the former while the growth procedure of the latter clearly went wrong - layers are blurred, tilted and highly contaminated. The resolution is good enough to distinguish even the thinnest layers of AlInAs (0.7 nm).

Courtesy of Paweł Piotr Michałowski, PhD, Institute of Electronic Materials Technology, Warsaw, Poland.
From: Michałowski PP, Gutowski P., Pierścińska D., Pierściński K., Bugajski M., Strupiński W. Characterization of the superlattice region of a quantum cascade laser by secondary ion mass spectrometry. Nanoscale. 2017 Nov 16;9(44):17571.