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APT analysis of deformation mechanisms in pyrite grains

trace elements in pyrite
3D nanoscale analysis of trace element dislocations in pyrite

Providing high sensitivity compositional analysis at the sub-nanometer scale, Atom Probe Tomography is ideally suited for studying deformation mechanisms in pyrite grains. The pyrite grains deformed 3 billion years ago whereas the trace elements were modified 1 billion years later, during metamorphism.
This data was acquired on a LEAP® 4000 X HR at Curtin University (50 K, 50 p J, 125 kHz and 1% DR).

Courtesy of Denis Fougerouse, Curtin University, Australia.
From: Fougerouse, D., Reddy, S.M., Kirkland, C.L., Saxey, D., Rickard, W., and Hough, R.M. (2018). Time-resolved, defect-hosted, trace element mobility in deformed Witwatersrand pyrite. Geoscience Frontiers.