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Warhol-inspired mosaic of a 15N-enriched cyanobacterial consortia acquired with NanoSIMS 50L

15N-enriched cyanobacterial consortia
What’s in a colormap?

The way we visualize data can influence how we interpret our data. For example, are we actually capturing significant spatial differences in our signals, or are we tricking ourselves into something that is not there? Alternatively, can our peers visualize our data the same way as we do? This Warhol-inspired mosaic of a 15N-enriched cyanobacterial consortia, taken on a NanoSIMS 50L, illustrates how different colormaps influence our perception of the metabolism within this system.

Courtesy of Christopher Anderton, PNNL, Richland, USA.
From: Jamie R. Nuñez, Christopher R. Anderton, Ryan S. Renslow. Optimizing colormaps with consideration for color vision deficiency to enable accurate interpretation of scientific data.
Published: August 1, 2018,