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APT imaging of precipitates in Ni-based alloy

Precipitates in Ni-based alloy imaged by APT
Atom Probe Tomography (APT) of γ” and γ’precipitates in an aged Ni-based alloy

Alloy 625 Plus is a precipitationstrengthened Ni-based alloy with exceptional corrosion resistance and a high level of strength. Nano-sized Nb-rich γ” and Al-rich γ’ precipitates form in Alloy 625 Plus after thermal aging. LEAP® 5000 XR APT analysis shows all three variants of discshaped γ” precipitates whose flat surfaces are parallel to {100} planes in the Ni austenitic matrix. Also, some γ” precipitates are found to be attached to the surface of cuboidal γ’ precipitates, forming a sandwich structure.

Courtesy of Li-Jen Yu and Emmanuelle Marquis, University of Michigan, USA.