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APT of L12 nanoprecipitates in an aluminum superalloy

nanoprecipitates in aluminum superalloy
Atom Probe Tomography of L12 nanoprecipitates in an aluminum superalloy

Al-based high-temperature superalloys possess coherent L12 nanoprecipitates with a core-shell structure. 3D nanoscale elemental Imaging and quantitative analysis provided by APT is used to understand the nanoprecipitate nucleation, growth, transformation and coarsening mechanisms at high temperatures. 0.5 billion atoms were collected on a LEAP® 5000 XS tomograph. L12 nanoprecipitates in an Al-Zr-Er superalloy were identified by the cluster search algorithm available in the Integrated Visualization & Analysis Software (IVAS 3.8.2) and assigned a random color.

Courtesy of Amir Rezaei Farkoosh, Prof. David Seidman and Prof. David Dunand,  NUCAPT, Northwestern University, USA.