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EPMA of Mukundpura meteorite

Electron Probe Microanalysis of Mukundpura meteorite

Mukundpura is a recently fallen meteorite that was collected on June 6, 2017, near Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Mineral compositions were determined using CAMECA SX Electron Probe Microanalyzer and helped classifying Mukundpura as a CM type chondrite. Shown here are Fe and Mg elemental X-ray of Barred Olivine (BO) chondrule in the Mukundpura chondrite, demonstrating fine grained accretionary rim bordering the chondrule margin in a highly altered matrix.

Courtesy of Dwijesh Ray, Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, India. From: Ray, D., Shukla, A. D.
The Mukundpura meteorite, a new fall of CM chondrite. Planetary and Space Science Volume 151, February 2018, Pages 149-154.