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May 2018

Calendar Competition: NanoSIMS imaging to inderstand planetary differentiation
NanoSIMS imaging to understand planetary differentiation
The terrestrial core formation has affected the chemical composition of the silicates on Earth. High pressure – high temperature experiments performed in diamond anvil cell shed new lights on the driving forces ruling the chemical segregation of elements between metal and silicate. Thanks to its high sensitivity at high spatial resolution, NanoSIMS is the ideal tool to investigate silicate equilibrated with metal at HP and HT in micron sized experimental samples.
The image was submitted by Laurent Remusat, Natural History Museum, Paris, France.

Read more:
A sulfur-poor terrestrial core inferred from metal–silicate partitioning experiments. Terry-Ann Suer, Julien Siebert, L. Remusat, N. Menguy and G. Fiquet.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 469, 84–97 (2017).