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December 2017

CAMECA 2018 Calendar competition - Nanosims imaging of body formation in wheat grain

December winning image was submitted by Katie L. Moore (University of Manchester, United kingdom) and beautifully reveals
 protein body formation in wheat grain.

NanoSIMS imaging of protein body formation in wheat grain

Wheat is a major source of protein in our diets but we know little about how the protein is formed and deposited in the grain. By combining 15N labelled glutamine with NanoSIMS imaging we were able to determine the route of nitrogen transport across the grain and visualize the dynamic process of continuous protein body formation. This data helps us understanding protein accumulation process in cereal grains and is useful to improve the quality of wheat products such as bread.

The dynamics of protein body formation in developing wheat grain.Katie L. Moore, Paola Tosi, Richard Palmer-Jones, Malcolm J. Hawkesford, Chris R.M. Grovenor, Peter R. Shewry, Plant Biotechnology Journal (2016) 14(9), p. 1876-1882.