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Biological applications of NanoSIMS 50L: using isotopic tracers in lipid studies

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Part 3 of our biology webinar series is dedicated to the use of isotopic tracers in biology and its application to lipid studies.

Francois Horreard, NanoSIMS Product Manager from CAMECA leads the discussion which will include:
  • making use of isotopes in SIMS analysis & building experiments based on the supply of one or several isotopically labeled compound(s) to living cells, tissues, plants or animals.
  • reviewing various sample preparation & analysis approach
  • taking advantage of the unique sensitivity/spatial resolution capabilities of the NanoSIMS 50L to map the distribution and fluxes of such isotopes with intracellular resolution (50 nanometers)

  • Recent studies are reviewed, among which:
  • Intravascular lipolysis and lipid movement across capillaries and into cardiomyocytes
  • Measurement of in vivo lipid turnover within individual drosophila lipid droplets
  • Sphingolipids in the plasma membranes of fibroblasts

    The NanoSIMS 50L is a unique ion microprobe combining simultaneously 50nm lateral resolution, parallel detection of up to 7 masses, and high sensitivity.
    The strategy of using one or several stable isotope labeling(s) opens new fields of studies in life sciences generally and lipid studies in particular.

    Presenter: François Horreard, CAMECA
    ↓ Duration: 39 minutes
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