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All you need to know about Large Geometry SIMS!

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Download our new IMS 1300-HR³ brochure with multiple application data in the fields of geochemistry, paleoclimate studies, cosmochemistry, geochronology, environmental studies and learn about the specifics of Large Geometry SIMS instrumentation which permits:
  • excellent reproducibility stable isotope ratio measurements,
  • fine scale, extreme precision U-Th-Pb dating
  • optimum sensitivity trace element analysis,
  • and more!
Successor of the internationally acclaimed IMS 1280-HR, the IMS 1300-HR³ has already been installed at Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Korea Basic Science Institute, Inter-University Accelerator Center in New Delhi, and French Commission for Atomic Energy (CEA DAM), near Paris. Next deliveries include the Geological Survey of India in Kolkata and Nanjing University, China.

Top image:
Histograms of SIMS Δ33S data grouped by type of host rock and sulphide minerals.
Data from R. Bolhar et al., Atmospheric S and lithospheric Pb in sulphides from the 2.06 Ga Phalaborwa phoscorite-carbonatite Complex, South Africa, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 530, 115939 (2020).