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Automatic peak identification in Atom Probe Tomography with AP Suite 6

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Identification of mass spectrum peaks is an indispensable step of an atom probe tomography reconstruction process and can be a time-consuming procedure, vulnerable to errors if performed manually.

To ensure rapid and reliable peak identification, AP Suite 6, the Atom Prober’s Toolkit offers automatic peak identification capabilities based on a recently developed Bayesian approach: candidate ions are ranked according to their calculated posterior probabilities, and the sample model is reconstructed by iteratively accepting top-ranked ions while taking into account prior information, models of experimental errors, and the already accepted ions.

Co-authored by CAMECA’s Atom Probe Product Manager David Reinhard, a recent paper explains the new approach in details:
Bayesian approach to automatic mass-spectrum peak identification in atom probe tomography. A. Mikhalychev, S. Vlasenko, T.R. Payne, D.A. Reinhard, A. Ulyanenkov. Ultramicroscopy 215 (2020) 113014
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