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Dissecting materials one atom at a time with Atom Probe Tomography

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Featured in the December 2019 issue of NATURE Materials, an editorial interview of Division VP & Business Unit Manager of CAMECA  Jesse Olson details how atom probe tomography (APT) instruments provide identity and position of the nearly all the atoms in a material, which is of paramount importance for all kind of research and process control operation.

Jesse Olson explains how the 3D Atom Probe can help designing high-strength alloys for applications as diverse as jet engines or medical implants. It has indeed found applications in geoscience research, nuclear materials research but also microelectronics to characterize and optimize transistors and memory cells.

The recently released EIKOS-UV Atom Probe is simple to use, and suitable for groups who need the atomic scale information provided by APT, but who do not necessarily need all the capabilities and throughput of our flagship product the LEAP. Jesse Olson concludes that if a group already has a transmission electron microscope for nano-scale research, it should have an atom probe as well to expand its analytical capabilities.

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