On-demand webinar: Dynamic SIMS for characterization of nuclear materials

Monday, November 5, 2018

Dr Paula Peres gives an overview of recent applications of dynamic SIMS to the study of nuclear materials.

In order to ensure longevity of structural nuclear materials and to improve knowledge on the mechanisms that occur during reactor accidents, it is of great importance to better understand diffusion and migration mechanisms of fission products in nuclear materials and fuel. To that purpose, SIMS analyses are performed on different materials after ion implantation with natural isotopes of high fission yield species (such as molybdenum, helium, xenon, iodine).

Application of dynamic SIMS to the characterization of nuclear particles collected in nuclear facilities for safeguards purposes is also discussed.

The data presented in this webinar are the result of collaborations between CAMECA and several users of our instruments from different labs worldwide working in the nuclear science field.

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(Duration: 32 minutes)