Learn about new IVAS 3.8!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Join us for two on-demand webinars reviewing important new features of IVAS 3.8, the latest version of our Atom Probe data processing and visualization software.

Webinar 1: What's new in IVAS 3.8
hosted by CAMECA Applications Specialist Dr Hugues Francois-Saint-Cyr, will cover:
• Complex Ion Peak ID
• Multi Ion Volume Renderer
• Clipping Angle and Color Scale
• Pole Indexing and ICF Estimation
• 2D Field Evaporation Simulator
• Landmark Registration
• and more!
This brief, free webinar is on-demand right now, and available to view at your convenience. It also includes informational downloads and question/answer functionality.
Click here to view the webinar!

Webinar 2: IVAS 3.8 2D Field Evaporation Simulator Webinar
Professor Francois Vurpillot provides a comprehensive overview of this powerful enhanced feature in the new IVAS 3.8.
Dr. Vurpillot is a recognized expert in this field and will guide you to efficiently and effectively utilize the field evaporation simulator to drive your APT research.
This free on-demand webinar is available for viewing at your convenience and can be accessed at this link.