Korea Basic Science Institute (KBSI) selects the IMS 1300-HR³ large geometry SIMS

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

KBSI, Korea's leading governmental research institute will soon be equipped with CAMECA's new generation large geometry SIMS, the IMS 1300-HR³ launched in 2016. 

The instrument was selected not only for its superior imaging capabilities and unequaled performance for quantitative isotope analysis, but also for its extreme versatility.

Installed within the Division of Earth and Environmental Science Research, the IMS 1300-HR³ will support numerous research projects under leadership from Dr Jeongmin Kim. It will for instance be used for geochronology of earth materials, stable isotope analyses in food authenticity assessment and forensic science,
radioactivity measuremebns in agricultural products, drinking water and soil, ultra high precision characterization of mineral samples for earth and environmental studies...

CAMECA is very pleased to accept this new order from KBSI, already equipped with several of our analyzers, including the IMS 7f-Auto and NanoSIMS secondary ion microprobes.