Upgrade Kits for Quad SIMS Series

SIMS 4550
Among major updates available for the CAMECA SIMS 4000-4100-4500-4550 and SIMS 4600:

Cesium Microbeam Ion Source Upgrade for SIMS 4500 and 4550: for higher dynamic range and superior erosion rates 

EXIT/ELFS upgrade for SIMS 4500: boosts quadrupole transmission for heavy ions and improves mass peak shape

MAC to PC and VME upgrade for SIMS 4500
among the numerous and most valuable benefits of updating the instrument control system...

  • full image checkerboard
  • full control of ion guns and SIO via PC,also remotely
  • switching ion guns,PI-beam energey and SI-polarity within unattended batch run ( e.g. mixed chained queue for B and As)
  • mesa+
  • scan rotation
  • fast mass spectrum with imaging
  • continuous current measurement...

WinCurve: CAMECA SIMS Data Processing Software under PC-Windows Environnement

A detailed upgrade kits catalogue is available! Contact your local CAMECA subsidiary or agent, or mail to cameca.info@ametek.com to receive it or for quotations.